Solo Cycling: Gurgaon to Faridabad

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New Year, New Ride

It was the first weekend of the year. I woke up at around 8am. It was raining outside and temperature was very low. Half asleep I switched the lights just to find out that there is no electricity. I snuggled back into my Blanket.

While trying to sleep again I realised that I had promised myself to take the rust off my new MTB with a trip. When the rain stopped it unlocked my bike to test the waters.


First Few Kilometers


You Beauty

The 37 km ride was tough in the beginning. The initial 10 kms were very trenous due to some elevation gain. Wind and slight drizzle in the cold weather made the ride more difficult.


First Toll Bridge


A Temple in Construction


2 more to go

After 2.5 hours of the ride. Finallly reached Faridabad. It was a great ride.


Elevation Gain

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