On fifteenth of September my best buddy gifted me my first Android phone and I am in love with Android ever since, but I never knew that this happiness will last for only six months. This is the story on how I lost my phone and how I tracked it down till the point that I spoke to the guy that has it now, and what all lessons I learned from it.

So the story starts in this way, coming back from the office to my sharing ride I found out that there will be 4 guys on the back seat so somehow I managed to fit in but inadvertently dropped my phone in that process. Unaware that my phone is lost we started the ride, five minutes later it hit me that something is missing. I found out that my phone is not in my pocket. Stopped the car and searched .. Nothing found. Went back to office .. Nothing.

Around this time I was 90 percent sure that my cell is still silently lying somewhere in the car as it was ringing and no one was picking up from the other end. Then I came back to my flat and rang back to the colleague that comes in the car, he told me that he searched agin and nothing was found. Now the hunt began.

I prayed that I had activated ADM (Android Device Manager), But I didn’t too lazy for that. Now how to track my phone? Then it struck me that data was ON in my phone. So I logged in to my google maps history and tried to track the location. And guess what !!! just when I reached my room, my phone has reached another city Faridabad. And it was a set back. I quickly thought what all things I am going lose and things that came in my mind were:

  • Some very special moments of my friends, family and colleagues.
  • Crazy Chats and Whatsapp groups.
  • My Plane tickets and Bank Credentials.
  • My Saved Passwords.
  • Apps that I bought (especially runtastic).
  • My sim that has peak recharge at that time(thanks to someone).
  • My Beloved Xiaomi and Sd card.

Now that it was nearly impossible to get my phone back, I still thought of all the options that I had while my phone has some power left. Searched across the internet of all the tech available that could help me. Then I logged into my MI cloud and tried to get at least my cloud data back, but guess what that too was not activated by lazy me. Then I saw the last link on that website that said ‘track’ and my eyes again gleamed with hope, but was unable to find it from there too. But it had an option to raise a alarm that cannot be stopped unless the user switches the cell off, and my phone was showing online that means I can raise alarms from the cloud to the phone.

After I successfully raised 4-5 alarms I rang my phone and out of the blue someone picked it up (devil inside me laughed).The guy was frightened about the unstoppable alarms and I heard him talking to his wife in the background. I somehow convinced this family guy to meet me at a shop and give me back my property and he agreed. Wow never seen such an honest man in my life (I said to myself). Meanwhile using whatsapp web I told my family/friends that this number is lost now and slept peacefully.

And That guy never came.