30 Days of Learning

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Currently I have some free time and subcriptions of many online learning platforms (LinkedIN Learning, Orielly, Udemy etc ) in my hand. So, I created this challenge for myself that I will complete a Online Course for each Day of June and write a blog post on my Learning.

I was able complete 22 days out of 30 days of learning. Below are the list of courses and the notes blogs for the same. There were some courses that helped me learn and know more about the tools and tech like Web Scraping and Python Web Apps. The courses on docker helped me refresh my knowledge. This was a fun experiment, I wished that I could have continued my streak.

Course-Name Course-Link
Python GUI Development: Tkinter https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Python-UI_Development/
Remote Office for Maximum Productivity https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Better-WFH/
Effective Marketing Emails https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/How-to-write-effective-email/
Effective Note Taking https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/How-to-take_notes/
Python Web Scraping https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Python-Web-Scaraping/
Learn Python by Creating Webapps https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Web-Apps-Python/
Revamp your Linkedin https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Linkedin-ninja/
Efficient Python Production Workflows https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Efficient-Python-Production-Workflows/
Securing Containers and Kubernetes https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Securing-Containers-and-Kubernetes-Ecosystem/
Docker Essential Training - 6 : Image Creation, Management, and Registry https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Docker-Essential-Training-6-Image/
Docker Essential Training - 5 : Storage and Volumes https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Docker-Essential-Training-5-volumes/
Docker Essential Training - 4 : Security https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Docker-Essential-Training-4-security/
Docker Essential Training - 3 : Networking https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Docker-Essential-Training-3-Networks/
Docker Essential Training - 2 : Orchestration https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Docker-Essential-Training-2/
Docker Essential Training - 1 : Basics https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Docker-Essential-Traning/
Maximise Productivity during WFH https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Maxmise-Productivity-WFH/
Python Interview Guide https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Python-Interview/
Programming Foundations: Real-World Examples https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Programming-real-world/
Effective Serialization in Python https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Effective-Serialization-in-Python/
Secure Coding in Python https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Secure-Coding-In-Python/
Getting Things Done https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/GTD/
Passive Income Ideas For Developers https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Notes-Passive-income-for-developers/
Python Decorators https://yogeshpandey.in/tech/Python-Decorators/

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