2021 Book List

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The books I read in 2021.


  • What I talk about when talk about Running - Murakami
  • The Psychology of Money - Morgan Housel
  • How to run a Marathon - Tim Rogers
  • The Book of 5 rings - Miyamoto Mushashi
  • Beyond Order - Jordan Peterson
  • Born To run - Christopher McDougall
  • High Output Management - Andy Grove
  • The Kumaon Himalayas - M S Randhawa
  • Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World Cal Newport
  • So Good that they can’t Ignore you - Cal Newport
  • The Body - Bill Bryson

In - Progress

  • No Rules Rules - Erin Meyer and Reed Hastings
  • The Pragmatic Programmer - Andrew Hunt


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