My First 10K run

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10K done

I ran my first 5k in Nov 2015. I was quite elated at the experience that wrote a post in this blog

This year, I had set a goal for myself to run a half marathon. While deciding on this goal, I did not think through it. A half marathon is running 2-2.5 hours without stopping for around 21 km. But anyway, slowly and steadily I am moving towards this goal. Starting in April, I have been surprisingly disciplined when it comes to running. Today was week 5 of my B210k training program, where I had to run 2 laps of 22 minutes. But I just ran without stopping after the 22-minute mark and did not stop till 67 minutes. That was running a whole 1 hour without stopping, this is something I have never been able to do in my entire life. I am so glad that only I know the experience and sense of fulfilment.

I can’t wait to run my first half marathon. Hopefully before 2021 ends.

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