2021 : Goals and routines

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Every year I try to create some goals for myself and they fade out as life happens. But this year is different, this year I am publishing my goals public, making myself more accountable.

These goals are based on OKR approach I will review these goals every three months and provide an update on the same. Be fitter, happier and more productive.

Goal - Name Quarter - 1 Quarter - 2 Quarter - 3 Quarter - 4
Earn your first dollar Online Nothing Yet Nothing Yet    
No personal buying online Done Done.    
Meditate for 100 days this year 10/90 0/90    
No Phone Sundays Failed Failed    
Podcast/Audiobooks every day. 20/90 60/90    
Exercise Everyday (GW : 76). HP:2120, WT:82 HP:3297, WT:79    
█████ ██ ██████ ███ Done Done Done Done
Publish 20 Good Blogs. 2/20 26/20    
Read 20 Books. 4/20 10/20    
Wake up before 6 am. 9/90 35/90    

GW : Goal Weight

HP : Heart Points

WT : Weight

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