Goals and routines for 2021

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Every year I try to create some goals for myself and they fade out as life happens. But this year is different, this year I am publishing my goals public, making myself more accountable. These goals are based on OKR approach I will review these goals every three months and provide an update on the same. Be fitter, happier and more productive.

Quarter 1 Update [01-01-2021] to [31-03-2021] - Done

Quarter 2 Update [31-03-2021] to [31-06-2021] -

Quarter 3 Update [01-06-2021] to [31-09-2021] -

Quarter 4 Update [01-09-2021] to [31-12-2021] -

  • Wake up before 6 am.

Quarter 1 Update :

I think I am failing miserably in this goal. I might have followed only 10% of this goal. The key to waking up early is sleeping early, which is something I am not able to do.

  • Read 20 Books.

Quarter 1 Update :

Completed 4/20 books.

  • Publish 20 Good Blogs.

Quarter 1 Update :

Completed 2/20, need to plan and catch up on this goal. Already have a few drafts to publish.

  • █████ ██ ██████ ████████

Quarter 1 Update :

Done, the above goal (which I think was the hardest) is luckily completed :).

  • Podcast/Audiobooks every day.

Quarter 1 Update : I usually listen to Podcast/Audiobooks during my walks and runs. Often not every day but I am keeping up with this habit.

  • Exercise every day.
    • Run a half Marathon
    • Cut back to 76 Kg, Gain Muscles.
    • Stretching

Quarter 1 Update :

I am slowly progressing and building upon this habit. Although I get off track sometimes, I think I am gradually transitioning into a routine. Have lost 1.5 kgs.

  • No Phone Sundays.

Quarter 1 Update :

Failing in this will try to keep in mind this goal.

  • Meditate for 100 days this year.

Quarter 1 Update :

I incorporated this habit after my workout session but not able to fully follow this. Meditated only for 10 days.

  • No personal buying (clothes, accessories, No Amazons, Flipkarts, Swiggys, Zomatos, Netflixes, Ubers)

Quarter 1 Update :

Did not buy anything online for me.

  • Earn your first dollar Online.

Quarter 1 Update :

Nothing Yet

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