Code is Poetry

Sometimes I try to write prose. It is a good way to write emotions and provide mindfullness. Writing prose is a tough affair. You have to think of a correct word and other linked words that rhymes with the even odd stanza, while fulfilling the overall meaning and substance.

Yesterday while writing I was thinking what rhymes with “love”. And the first two words that first came to my mind were “dove” and “shove”. Pretty lame.. Right. So to simplify this process I created a snippet that fetches the rhyming words of a particular input and if the user wants, he can know the meaning also. To know weather it fits his set of ideas or not. With this, I got approx 60 words that rhymed with “love”. Pretty impressive right.

Getting Rhymes


Getting Rhymes

Meaning of the Rhymes.

You can play with the code here. It will work on any OS that supports python. Or any online python emulator like pythonanywhere.

To create this I have parsed with my inputs (I hope it is legit). To get the meaning the inbuilt dictionary of linux comes handy.

In the future if I get time. I will bug-fix this code and create a flask wrapper around it to create a web app.