Docker Essential Training - 3 | Networking

Reading time ~1 minute

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This Series is a part of 30 Days of Learning.

This course is a tutorial series for the DCA exam using Docker EE. This Lesson deals with Networking using Docker.

  • Types of networking

    • Bridge: Default NW.
    • Host: Removes network isolation, connects directly to host.
    • Overlay: Only in Docker EE, to connect multiple docker hosts.
    • Macvlan: Support to connects VLAN. Clones host interfaces.
    • None: No networking accessibility.
    • Other nw plugins.
  • Creating networks

    • docker network ls
    • docker network create –driver bridge app-nw
    • -p port name to expose the port in a container.
    • –DNS dns name to set the DNS name.
    • docker container logs container name to debug the networking logs. -f to use like tail -f.

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