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This Series is a part of 30 Days of Learning.

This course is a tutorial series for the DCA exam using Docker EE. This Lesson deals with Image Creation, Management, and Registry using Docker.

  • Docker Images Overview
    • Image is an executable package that contains everything to run your application.
    • Images are stopped container and are read-only.
    • A Dockerfile contains all commands to build an image. Used in docker build
  • DockerFile
    • ADD - copy files, also supoorts tar
    • Copy - copy files
    • VOLUME - Add mount point
    • ENTERYPOINT - which app to run
    • EXPOSE - Which Port to Publish
    • CMD - Agguments to enterypoint
    • ENV - Environement
    • FROM - Defines base image, must be first command.
    • RUN - runs a new command in new layer.
    • WORKDIR - Defines working directory.
    • docker image history to see the layer history.
  • Managing Images
    • docker image inspect - provides low-level information on docker.
    • docker tag - to tag an image.
  • Docker Registry
    • Stateless, HA application for storing, sharing images.
    • _docker push _ to push to local registry
    • DTR is available in Docker EE.
    • docker login to login to docker hub, free cloud registry
    • Docker notary helps in own image signing.
    • docker search to search the docker hub for images.

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