Docker Essential Training - 1 | Basics

Reading time ~2 minutes

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This Series is a part of 30 Days of Learning.

This course is a tutorial series for the DCA exam using Docker EE.

  • Docker EE vs Docker CE
  • Take into account the size of hardware before running docker.
    • If the containers use UCP and DTR (Docker Trusted Registry) you need to understand and adhere to the requirements.
  • Docker engine is a client-server platform. It has:-
    • dockerd server daemon
    • docker cli client
    • Docker does not run in 32bit systems.
    • Docker containers are ephemeral
  • Docker Universal Control Plane.
    • To manage multiple Docker engines
    • Has a trusted registry for centralized storage for images.
    • Manage networks and docker infra.
    • UCP runs a Container from Docker HUB. Only on Docker EE.
  • Docker namespaces
    • Helps in virtualize Linux process, mount, IPC, User, Network to isolate docker containers.
    • Uses Linux internal Functionalities.
    • Set CPU, memory Limits etc for the container.
    • All docker files are in /var/lib/docker
  • Docker Storage Driver.
    • Find which storage driver you are using.
    • Storage driver control how you are storing your data.
  • Docker Registry.
    • Docker HUB is the default docker registry.
    • Similar to Github.
  • Docker Swarm
    • Enables HA
    • Multiple Worker Nodes.
    • Can be used via UCP.
  • Managing Users
    • Via UCP its very easy to add users via Add Organization -> Add Team -> Add user -> Add roles
  • Backup Docker
    • Backup Docker Cluster
      • Copy /var/lib/docker/swarm after stopping docker daemon.
    • Backup UCP
      • Copy/Paste command to place UCP to a tar.gz file.
    • Backup DTR
      • Multiple commands to backup multiple DTR data.
  • Installing DTR
    • It runs as a docker command. Asks for UCP’s Details
  • Use daemon.json for docker specific configurations.

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