Effective Marketing Emails

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Writing emails that people want to read.

  • All email is personal
  • Inquiry email, transaction emails, marketing email. Be clear on which type of mail.
  • main thing of an email is the subject line. The subject line helps you or hurt you.
  • establish clear ground, don’t apologise for anything.
  • Be professional and clear
  • Engagement, Segmentation, Consistency
  • Rule-breaking- use one-sentence paragraph. Rules of good English don’t apply to email.
  • add a list and bullets.
  • make stronger word choices rather than using !!!.
  • Simple is better, don’t use filler words.
  • Use I, never we.
  • Don’t suckup, bit of flattering goes a long way
  • Be clear about the outcome and next steps.
  • Be entertaining and engaging
  • Understand how people are misunderstanding their problems. And meet them there with a solution.
  • Make it clear if you need a response.
  • Know how to tell are a great story.
  • Add a character
  • Simple story structure
  • Add curiosity
  • Make it a character issue and even the rebels will have a hard time saying no.
  • You get because - identify these for ex:. - You a working mom get 30 percent off because you are working hard and need a day off.
  • Stick to one point in the mail.
  • Don’t try to attempt humour. Save jokes for an in-person meeting.
  • Don’t be too vague.
  • Say thank you for being patient instead of apologizing.
  • don’t assume that people are having preconceived notions about you.
  • For Marketing emails Try sending mail after 8-9 AM on Tuesdays. But it all depends on your client.
  • Important things to care about Average Open rate, click-through rate unsubscribe and retention rate.
  • Email once a week. Send emails in the Fibonacci sequence it helps in providing natural cadence.
  • Check Amazon for effective prediction.
  • Make people feel special in emails. Use the word you more than you use I.
  • Reuse, update your mail as a blogpost. Create a video with captions.
  • Save your most successful emails and use them as templates.
  • Curate content. Interview other people.
  • Sometimes the best thing is to not complain nor explain.
  • About us is the most visited page on your website. Make sure it is nice.

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