Maximise Productivity during WFH

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This Series is a part of 30 Days of Learning.

  • Personal Productivity
    • What time of day you feed most efficient.
    • What is around you? think about your surroundings.
    • Write a list of all the tasks that you do in your day.
    • Do time blocking
  • Organise Personal Space
    • Identify your desk Space.
    • Choose the best spot with good lighting with less noise level.
    • The setup should be mobile.
    • Make sure that your desk has less clutter.
    • Make a list of items you need.
    • For Video Calls make sure the light is in front of you.
    • There should not be clutter behind you.
    • Good paper to read: “Cost of Interrupted Work: More speed and stress”
    • Time yourself to create an idea of how much time it takes.
    • Create a physical barrier. Like Closing doors in your workspace.
  • Organise Digital Space
    • Organise the applications with mindfulness.
    • Use apps like asana, Trello to track.
  • Heading out.
    • Make a list of items you need on-road and test it out.
    • Have a plan for interruptions.
    • Plan ahead for your travel.

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