OMSCS Plan for ML Specialization

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Edit - 2 [August-2020] : Updated since new courses are there.
Edit - 1 [Jan-2020] : Updated with some changes.

Last year I got accepted in Georgia Tech’s Online Version on MS called OMSCS. OMSCS provides 4 specializations. I plan to take the Machine Learning Specialization and following is the plan of courses I intend to take in this program. For Machine Learning Specialization, I need to complete 15 credits worth of courses in the Machine Learning Domain.

There are 2 core courses available in OMSCS. (6 Credits) :

  • CS 7641 Machine Learning
  • CS 6515 Introduction to Graduate Algorithms.

I need to pick both of the above Courses.

Then there are electives (9 Credits ) :

  • CS 6476 Computer Vision
  • CS 7642 Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making (Formerly CS 8803-O03)
  • CS 7643 Deep Learning
  • CS 7646 Machine Learning for Trading
  • CSE 6242 Data and Visual Analytics
  • CSE 6250 Big Data for Health (Formerly CSE 8803)
  • ISYE 6420 Bayesian Methods

I need to pick at least 3 from the above list of Courses. Rest I can pick from the open Courses.

The Plan I have is as follows:-

Semester Course Type Course Name Remarks Grade Load Hours Per Week
Spring 2019 Other HCI Done A 2.598 11.661
Summer 2019 Other IIS Done B 2.382 8.893
Fall 2019 Other CN Done A 2.479 8.264
Spring 2020 Elective CV Done A 4.024 20.463
Summer 2020 Elective EdTech Done A 3.5 13.626
Fall 2020 Elective Machine Learning Done B 4.5 22
Spring 2021 Core Artifical Intelligence Done A 4.18 21
Summer 2021 Elective ML4T   - 2.8 13.6
Fall 2021 Core Introduction to Graduate Algorithms   - 4.33 24.885
Spring 2022 Elective Deep Learning   - >4 20.885

With this plan, I cover all the necessary pre-requisites for an ML Specialization. It also covers the required pre-requisite in Interactive Intelligence.

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