Python Interview Guide

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This Series is a part of 30 Days of Learning.

Interviewing is a skill. Practise

This course provides a sort of blueprint for the interview. You will need to dig deeper into individual topics. But still Its a nice refresher.

  • Personal Characteristics

    • Emotional Intelligence: Showing
    • Intellectual maturity: Asking meaningful Questions.
    • Curiosity: The desire to know more.
    • Perseverance: Ability to stick with something.
    • Confidence: Ability in yourself to figure things out.
  • Non-Technical Skills

    • Problem solving: Use what you already know to achieve something specific.
    • Asking Good Questions: Asking the right questions to the right person.
    • Understanding Assumptions: Not bring bais in the solution.
    • Understanding Constraints: Know beforehand the constraints of the system.
    • Collaboration: Skilled in listening and sharing your ideas.
  • Technical Skills

    • Collection
      • Compare and contrast collections about runtime, speed usage etc.
      • Tupels , lists, dictionaries
    • Time Complexity
      • Big O complexity is asked mostly.
      • Find the time complexity of the solution.
    • Recursion
      • An elegant method for solutions.
      • Understand this concept clearly.
    • OOPs
      • Classes, Objects, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism
    • Data Structures
      • Very useful in coding challenges.
      • Stacks, Queues, Singly Doubly LinkedList
      • Non-Linear Data Structures, Tress, BST, graphs, hashmaps.
    • Sorting Algorithms
      • Try to implement sorting algorithms like Insertion, Quick, Merge sort, Bubble sorts etc.
      • Learn about space-time complexity.
    • Searching Algorithms
      • Binary Search, BFS, DFS, A star.
    • Problem-solving framework for Coding
      • Variety and learning over Quantity.
      • Talk aloud
      • Write down the main parts of the challenge.
      • Write out inputs, output
      • Ask about assumptions and other queries.
      • Write Pseudocode and run edge and test cases.
      • Then move to runtime.
      • It’s ok to ask for help, “Am I headed in the right direction”
    • General Advice:
      • Apply before you are ready.
      • Failure is inevitable.
      • Teaching is the most effective tool.
      • You don’t need every company to hire you.
      • Practice every day.

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