It was a mini-College reunion. Old College mates were back in the city. So we decided to plan something big this time. After an initial round of discussion, we decided to go for Kuari Pass Trek. But due to a sudden change of plans and lack of time. We decided for Dodital and Darwa pass.


We booked the AC Janrath from ISBT Kashmiri Gate. AC bus because the salary was just credited to the account. The bus dropped us in Rishikesh pretty early. We grabbed a cup pf hot tea and waited for others to join. Four of us now boarded a local bus to Uttarkashi. After stopping for three tea breaks we reached Uttarkashi and had our lunch. So far the journey was good, but there was some haziness due to lack of sleep.

At Sangamchatti

Busling river

Daan to temple

Day 1: Arey Sir! Abhi 7 bje hum me Bebra Pahuch Jayenge..

We booked a taxi till Sangamchatti from Uttarkashi. Balbeer came out of nowhere and greeted us at Sangamchatti. Balbeer was a small-built man with big ideas and a bigger mouth. We were already very late but Balbeer was confident that we will reach the campsite before the day dawns, including a tea break in between. In the 4 km trek to Agora village, he told us a lot of stories. He started with his previous journeys, his superhuman ability to go long routes, his newly made home in Agora, the beauty of Daraya among may others bugyals. At Agora we stopped for a tea break at his home. We met Balbeer’s children. The mountain kids were shy and curious.

Ganesha Idol At Agora

Daraya ke pahad

Tree Temple at Agora

Red Rohdendrons

Sunset From Agora

After two kilometres we reached our campsite at Bebra. Bebra campsite was very beautiful, It was surrounded by mountains on all sides and a small river was bustling from the right. Hanumanchatti overlooked from the back of the camp. We made some dinner and had a sound sleep.

At Agora

Campsite at bebra

Day 2: Jab apki age ka tha to Daraya se Dodital jata tha

Today was going to be a tough day. We have to trek 14 kilometres all the way to Dodital. We Woke up pretty late and packed our tents and bags. Starting at a slow pace we reached Chhatri that is 4 kilometres from Bebra. We rested for a while as the legs were pretty famished. Our next stop was Manjhi. The hike from Chhatri to Manji is pretty easy with no ascends. We stopped at Manjhi and refilled our bottles. It was later when we would reach Dodital we would know the mystery behind the name - Manjhi. Snow covered Daraya was visible from Manjhi and Hunamnchatti in the opposite. There was a route from here to Daraya Bugyal, Which tempted us, but we proceeded with our initial plan.

Making some drug

Morning Tea

Rest at chhatri

Farming Lands

Enroute Manjhi

All through the trek, we found a lot of waterfalls, this was no monsoons season still finding so many waterfalls on the route was astonishing. Never before in any Trek have I seen so many waterfalls. Interestingly nowhere in the interwebs this was mentioned.

First views


More waterfalls

After 2 hours of walk, we were now at a shiva temple. It meant that now only 1 hour of descent was left for Dodital. There was a feeble sound of drums and songs and interestingly it was from the opposite side of the temple. All these mysteries were about to unfold once we reach Dodital.

Siva Temple

We reached Dodital and surveyed the area to pitch the tents. I feel handicapped due to my inadequate English vocabulary because any amount of words would fall short to describe the beauty of this place. At 3050 meters above the sea level, Dodital Lake has a beautiful campsite surrounded by pine and oak trees. We pitched our tents near the river that begins from the lake.

Reaching Dodital

Reaching Dodital

Flowers At Dodital

After we settled we ate Maggi and met the priest. The priest told us about the history of the lake. How Lord Ganesha was born near the banks of the lake, how Manji was named after the cries of Lord Ganesha was heard when his head was decapitated by Lord Shiva. We were amazed to know that next day the temple was to reopening. According to the priest, there was no better time to visit the place than today. Now we realised that the drums and songs were from the people from neighbouring areas that were coming to the lake for the Temple reopening.

Getting ready for Prayers

We contemplated for a while, is it really some Godly work or we are just lucky to be in right place at the right time. In the evening the temperature dropped and the place was filled with around 300 villages from the nearby villages. We decided to save some money and have dinner in the Langar in the temple. The food in the Langar was amazing. And Host was looking for any brahmins in the area. I too sheepishly raised my hands and took the “ भेंठ “. My first earning as a Brahmin (I still have those crisp notes saved).

Villagers at Temple

Campfire near the river

In the night my stomach went tipsy and all the halwa-poories came out. Next morning we had decided to go to Darwa top. That is 5 km steep climb from Dodital. I decided to stay back and watch the temple proceeding. It was very hard to describe and understand what I saw. The local God (called Devta) was deciding most of the things in the meeting. It was intriguing and shocking at the same time.


Enroute Darwa

Badarpooch and Darwa top

More views

We met an Englishman at Dodital who had childhood memories of watching Bandarpooch Mountain while growing up in Mussoorie. So he was going to the Bandarpooch base camp via Darwa pass. It was amazing to see a 62 years old guy achieving this feat.

Dodital as seen from Darwa

At around 1 pm we decided to move back till Bebra. With heavy legs, we started the descend. It was already dark when we reached Bebra. Balbeer had reached before and made the food ready before hand.


Last View

Coming Back

the Colors of Spring

Sunset before reaching bebra

Day 3: Ab Agla , Har ki Dun Chalenge

The Night sky was scintillating, but since we had to move early tomorrow we went to our tents. Next day at 6 am we descended down to Sangamchatti and boarded a cab to Uttarkashi. With so many amazing memories we bid good bye to this place with a promise to come back to trek to Daraya.

Coming Back

Mules on the way


FRH at Agoda

At Sangamchatti

Trek Details

Date of Travel 10-April
No of Days 4
Total Cost 3500