Lansdowne, a charming hill station nestled close to Delhi NCR, may be overshadowed by its more famous counterpart, Nainital, but we decided to explore this hidden gem. As we embarked on our journey from Ramnagar on a pleasant spring morning, a slight chill still lingered in the air. One of the unique aspects of Lansdowne is its easily accessible route, with a straight road leading up to Kotdwar, followed by a picturesque hill climb for the final kilometers.

After reaching Kotdwar, we first visited the Hanuman Temple to seek blessings. Filled with a sense of tranquility, we began our ascent towards Lansdowne. I had booked a rustic resort a few kilometers before the main city, surrounded by majestic pine trees and offering a mesmerizing valley view. Our rooms boasted open balconies, allowing us to soak in the beauty of rhododendrons amidst the pine forest.

Rhododendron Trees

Barking Deer at a distance

Sunset from the Resort

After a peaceful night’s rest at the resort, we embarked on a journey to the Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple, located a few kilometers ahead of Lansdowne. This temple is renowned for its serene ambiance, surrounded by towering deodar trees that embrace the sacred site. En route to the temple, we caught glimpses of the magnificent Kedarnath and Chaukhamba ranges, shrouded in a delicate veil of dust. It was a joyous moment, marking our first Himalayan sighting of the year.

Kedarnath Peaks

Chaukhamba Peaks

To reach the temple, we embarked on a downhill trek of approximately 1 kilometer from the parking area. The pathway was thoughtfully laid out, and as we entered the temple premises, we were greeted by the enchanting presence of dense deodar trees, heightening the mystical atmosphere. Notably, the temple is also distinguished by a Trishul-like structure adorning one of its sacred buildings.

Entry to Tadkeshwar Temple

Main Temple Premises

Tall Trees

Temple Bells

Filled with spiritual bliss and awe-inspiring natural beauty, we made our way back to Ramnagar, cherishing the memories of our unforgettable Lansdowne adventure.